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FIC: Awake

Title: Awake
Author: corilannam
Artist: phoenixacid
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~50,000
Warnings: Some descriptions of war violence
Summary: King Arthur sleeps in Avalon, waiting to return at the hour of Albion's greatest need. But once a year he awakes and spends a single day with Merlin, who will never, ever leave him.

Author's notes: My first thanks has to go to my amazing artist phoenixacid, who not only created stunningly beautiful artworks for the story, but was also a constant source of support, patience, and encouragement. I am not exaggerating when I say that this story would not exist without her. I would have quit on it a long time ago except that I couldn't bear the thought of giving her up as my artist! So much thanks and love to you, bb. I'm really glad you picked me!

Thanks also go, as usual, to chelseafrew, anna_zee, and stellarmeadow. Without their advice, this story would have been one hell of a hot mess. Thanks as well to all my twitter, LJ, and DC buds for listening to me angst over this damn thing for a really long time. And finally, I must thank our flawless mod, the_muppet. Posting at the end means I have no unique superlatives left to give her, but we all know how much she means to this fandom. Thank you for your years of incredibly hard work and this last, spectacular fest! ♥

Story link: Read on AO3
Art link: Masterpost of art and other links

FIC: Kickin' In

Title: Kickin' In
Author: Cori Lannam (corilannam)
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Wordcount: ~1500
Content: sex under the influence of an intoxicant

Summary: Arthur doesn't understand why Merlin keeps coming to Arthur's club after they broke up. And he really doesn't understand why Merlin keeps taking the troll magic club drugs when he knows damn well what they do to him.

Notes: This was written for the Fuck-or-Die Challenge in summerpornathon 2013.

Read on AO3 or

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FIC: Wet

Starting the reposts of my summerpornathon stuff from this year....

Title: Wet
Author: Cori Lannam (corilannam)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Merlin/tentacle creature, Merlin/Arthur
Wordcount: 1,569
Content: tentacles, tattooing, dubcon

Summary: Merlin has a tentacled creature tattooed on his body. When he submerges it in water, it comes alive and molests him.

Notes: This was my entry for the week 1 Kink Grab Bag challenge in summerpornathon 2013. Thanks to marguerite_26 and emjayelle for the twitter convo that inspired it!

Read on AO3 or below:

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1) If at some point over the last couple years you've heard me whining about a 20K gang bang that wasn't cooperating, I'm happy to say that it's finally done and posted as part of the amazing perverse_bang challenge. You can read it here -- Merlin's Night Off.

2) Remember the whole thing with Amazon selling fanfic? I did a guest editorial for Geek Syndicate on the subject. Feel free to come read and opine with me!

Star Trek: Into Darkness

WHERE MY NERDS AT??? I saw this movie last night and I need to talk some hardcore Trek here.

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So my BFF chelseafrew (who asked to have her name redacted) recently bought CDs by a certain group of musical youngsters known as One Direction. She started listening to them this week until one night she IM'd me to say, "I know now what's at the bottom of the rabbit hole. One Direction is at the bottom of the rabbit hole."

"I know a bunch of people who are already down there," I told her the next day. "Would you like me to ask for fic recs?"

I expected her to pretend to demur at first and say that she'd let me know if it got to that point. Instead, she just said, "Yes, please."

We were on our way to Iron Man 3 at the time, so I was understandably distracted after that. But this afternoon, she was like, "So. I really need those fic recs."

So, if any of you happen to know of good fic, or rec lists, or pimping posts, or cute videos, or whatever else having to do with One Direction, please let me know. Any pairing is fine. Angst, injury, etc. is a bonus, but not required.

Title: The Long Way (the Little Lionheart Remix)
Author: corilannam
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Mordred
Word Count: 9,257
Warnings: None
Content: sex magic, bondage, tentacles (non-creature), time travel, reconciliation
Summary: Arthur and Merlin were on the verge of a magically kinky love affair--if only Merlin had known it. One misstep and Merlin must find a way back to what he should have had with Arthur.
Author Notes: This is a remix of marguerite_26's brilliant story I Would Find a Way, created for the 2013 camelotremix. It was an honor to have a chance to play with marguerite_26's fantastic work. These characters, in particular, stuck in my head and my heart. Thank you for the chance to spend some more time with them!

And a million thanks to venivincere and sapphirescribe for their flawless and patient mod work. Thanks for making this all possible!

I would love to hear what you liked (or didn't!). Comments welcome either here or on AO3.

The Long Way (the Little Lionheart Remix)